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Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine

Lucie has 10 years clinical experience with acupuncture and herbal medicine which include Pain Management at the Royal Free and Whittington hospitals; and the Crime Reductions Initiatives, a charity organisation that gives support to homeless people. Over the years Lucie has deepened her understanding about the treatments of musculoskeletal pains, and different aspects of mental issues. 

Lucie specialises in Toyohari style of Japanese acupuncture and Jing Fang herbal medicine. The Toyohari style from Japanese acupuncture comes from a lineage of blind acupuncturists. It’s the most gentle style of acupuncture. There is no insertion involved. The needle is used as a conductor of subtle energies. The flow of channels are tuned into harmony. Moxibustion and other treatment modalities - cupping, guasha and massage - are often added during a Toyohari session. Toyohari acupuncture suits the most sensitive.

Jing Fang herbal medicine is the six syndrome classic system from the classical lineage that dates back to 150-219AD. The symptoms are classified according to syndromes. Treatment of disease is understood from the intricate layers that make the pattern. The diagnosis reveals a clear picture of the pattern to which a formula is prescribed. Lucie is able to help with various health conditions.

Lucie: Services
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