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Nutritional Therapist

Lucia is a registered nutritional therapist (Dip CNM, mBANT, mCNHC) who helps busy, health-minded people thrive through the power of personalised nutrition.

As nutritional therapist Lucia sees the body as a whole and understands that all systems are connected; her work is focused on bringing balance  through dietary changes, nutrients and lifestyle suggestions, finding the root causes of her patients health concerns and overcome them.

Her specific interests are in the area of gut health, fatigue, skin and women’s health.

During her one to one consultations, Lucia truly listens and considers her patients’ needs and lifestyle - she believes we are all unique and so it should be our nutrition. Each plan is individual and takes in consideration your unique health journey to help you reaching your health goals.

Being an ultimate a food lover she aims to create plans that will make her patients fall in love with food again, introducing nutrients and suggesting tasty recipes to create new habits that will stick with them for life, not just a diet to follow for some months. 

During her spare time Lucia enjoys cooking, creating recipes, training and playing the drums. She believes life is all about balance, joy and cultivating your passions to truly thrive!

Lucia: Services
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